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EASY CAR SALES sponsors launch of Bahamian Climate Change Anthem.

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

One World: The Climate Disaster Healing Song and video were screened on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, at an invitation-only event at the newly renovated Waterloo Club on East Bay Street. The song is intended be used as a platform to bring awareness to climate change, told through the eyes of a country that has just been through one of the most unprecedented hurricanes in history, and to raise funds to assist in reconstruction.

EASY CAR SALES was pleased to support the event as a climate change solutions sponsor, showcasing their new 100% electric BYD TANG luxury SUV to a very receptive audience. EVs are proven to be cleaner and more efficient than conventional vehicles, and a natural partner to more sustainable transportation solutions to our climate crisis.

The release of the song to various streaming music channels as well as its music video on YouTube, are available for the public to view and download here:

Twenty-four Bahamian vocalists got together in November at The Sanctuary studio at Albany. The diverse group of hand-picked vocalists—from Bahamian music icon “Sweet Emily” to reggae singer Willis Knowles to rapper Bodine Victoria Johnson—shared their time and talent in order to focus attention on an issue that has become all too real for the Bahamas following the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.

Bahamian film score composer and record producer Nevardo “Perro Grande” Dean, composed the song’s score using musicians from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and others, and then blended that sound with the varied vocal contributions of the 24 vocalists. The lyrics of the song, written by Grammy-nominated Bahamian songwriter Anwar McDonald, highlight the need for awareness and unity in light of ever-increasing global climate change events.

“Our strategy was to create a global anthem that would resonate and bring healing to Climate disaster victims and those living under the threat of devastating climate change events around the world. Ultimately the song is about people helping people, a simple message about love and unity in these uncertain times.” source:

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