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Updated: Mar 31, 2022

When Prince William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, arrive in The Bahamas this week, you might spot them chauffeured around the streets of Nassau in a purely Electric Vehicle. There will be no stops for gas during this Royal visit, symbolising this country’s commitment to a more environmentally friendly future.

The fully electric luxury vehicles were provided by EASY CAR SALES, the first and only 100% E.V. distributor in The Bahamas.

“We wanted to make this gesture to reflect our Nation’s commitment to cleaner, more sustainable transportation, and we are confident the Royal couple will enjoy the luxurious features and smooth powerful ride,” said Managing Director of Easy Cars, Pia Farmer. “They really are beautiful vehicles fit for Royalty.”

It will not be the first time the Royal couple ride a climate conscious car. After their wedding in 2011, Prince William and his bride Kate drove away from Buckingham Palace in Prince Charles’ 51-year-old Aston Martin - gifted to him by the Queen for his 21st birthday in 1969 – which had been converted to run on biofuels, swapping out petrol for a renewable energy source.

Last year, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the first Earthshot Prize awards ceremony in a fully electric vehicle which uses electric battery powered motors to drive without harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

The Earthshot competition was launched last year to search for ways to tackle the problems facing the planet. Five winners each year are awarded £1million for an idea to protect the planet. The first award to be handed out went to Gator Halpern and Sam Teicher of Coral Vita - a project which grows coral on land to replenish life in dying ocean ecosystems. The Royal couple will visit the Coral Vita project in Freeport, Grand Bahama as part of their tour.

“For too long, we haven’t done enough to protect the planet for your future. But Earthshot is for you. In the next ten years we are going to act. We are going to find the solutions to repair our planet.” Prince William shared at the awards ceremony and gave a stark warning that “time is running out” to tackle climate change, adding: “The actions we choose or choose not to take in the next 10 years will determine the fate of the planet for the next thousand”.

In what the Express newspaper calls the “Royal transport revolution,” it was revealed Prince William has installed a charging point at Kensington Palace and a source said it was “the first phase of a project to install charging points across the entire Royal estate.” Unlike petrol or diesel-powered engines, the eco-friendly electric motor can be re-charged at home from the electricity grid, or from renewable sources like solar power, at a fraction of the cost of gasoline.

“But you don’t have to live in a palace to drive electric,” says Pia Farmer. “Hundreds of Bahamian businesses and consumers have made the switch and loving their EVs, riding like Royalty every day!

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The Duke and Duchess arrive at the Earthshot Awards Ceremony in a fully electric vehicle.

Newlyweds Prince William and Kate, drive off in Prince Charles’ 51-year-old Aston Martin which runs on bio-fuels,

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