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Our Nation’s Judiciary Demo the 100% Electric Tang EV SUV.

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

It was an inestimable honor and pleasure to drive and be driven by our Nation’s Justices and their Aides. The test drive event was flawless and it was a pleasure showing off the next generation in luxury transportation - the 2020 BYD Tang EV Premium SUV.

We applaud the efforts of the Office of the Judiciary in making a bold statement with respects to climate change and our Nation’s dependence on fossil fuels. No doubt they will reap the benefits of switching to cleaner, greener transportation - lower operating costs (1/3 of the cost of gas), less hassle of fuel procurement and low maintenance. The 100% Electric Tang EV SUV is one of a kind, with 310 mile range, 7-seats, all-wheel drive, superb acceleration and all of the safety features and modern, luxury conveniences of a vehicle worthy of our Nation’s finest. And it’s available in Black! The Tang EV is also backed by an 8-year factory warranty and our staff of trained and certified EV mechanics. We are fully equipped with diagnostic tools and replacement parts. We offer a 24/7/365 Customer Support Hotline and Roadside Assistance.

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