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Guests at last week’s Bahamas Business Outlook had the opportunity to experience an exciting line-up of new 100% Electric Vehicles (EVs) from Easy Car Sales. Test drivers were amazed at the luxury features, advanced technology and the smooth, powerful ride of the 2020 models by BYD, the largest producer of EVs and batteries in the world.

Last year, Easy Car Sales was appointed the Distributor for BYD vehicles in The Bahamas and became the first ever Electric Car Dealer in the country, offering expert post-sales EV support and replacement parts. They stock several new models for consumers, including a compact hatch-back, a sporty sedan and two SUV options, as well as delivery vans and trucks for business.

As more people around the world and at home demand cleaner, more sustainable solutions to the climate crisis, they are discovering the benefits of switching to cleaner electric transportation without compromising the luxury features they enjoy. Adopters of EVs, including many businesses, are realising a 65% savings in fuel and maintenance costs. Best of all, EVs are solar ready, making them a natural partner to renewable energy developments in our island nation.

The 100% electric TANG luxury SUV from Easy Car Sales steals the show at Bahamas Business Outlook 2020.

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