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The 1,000,000 mile battery is here!

Over 60 years of driving. No replacement needed.



The BYD Blade battery is built for safety. Made with Lithium iron phosphate, with a thermal runaway temperature of over 500°C. It produces less heat and no oxygen is released and resists high temperatures.


The BYD Blade battery has superior strength with an Aluminum panel and cellular structure. The space utilization rate, volume ratio and energy density was increased by 50% resulting in longer range.


BYD Blade has a use cycle of around 3,000, that's over 1,000,000 miles of driving. BYD offers an 8 year warranty with whole life guarantee for battery core, which is higher than industry standard.

What about the BYD Blade Battery?


The End of Gas & Hybrid Vehicles

The end is near for vehicles using the internal combustion engine (ICE). Many countries have set deadlines banning the sale and use of ICE and Hybrid vehicles. Many leading car manufacturers are switching production from gas/hybrid to electric vehicles. The evidence is clear, THE FUTURE IS ELECTRIC! 

So what about hybrid batteries?

The answer to that is a bit complex as not all hybrids are created equal. Some are plug in hybrids, some are not. Some are liquid cooled, others are air cooled. Hybrid batteries will usually last between 70,000 and 200,000 miles depending on the brand, battery type, and charging cycle. This uncertainty may lead to high replacement costs for some.


What about EV batteries?

Unlike Hybrids, EV batteries provide the only source of power and are built to last the life of the vehicle. A typical EV battery will retain 80% of its capacity after charging 5,000 cycles. For an EV with a 200 mile range, you will get about 160 miles each cycle (that's 800,000 miles in total, four times the average lifespan of a gas car) and your EV will still have 80% of its capacity!

What about the Nissan Leaf?

The original 2012 Nissan Leaf had an estimated range of just 82 miles brand new, and lost as much as 20% of its effective range over 5 years of use. This was mainly due to a comparatively small

24 kWh battery pack and lack of battery cooling. Liquid cooled batteries last longer and perform better than air cooled batteries.


What about today's EVs?

Fast forward 10 years later, current electric vehicles have four times the battery storage potential and driving ranges approaching 400 miles. The durability of the battery has also improved along with thermal management, now current vehicles could go over 120,000 miles with just 10% reduction in maximum range.

Coming to a car dealer near you!

The inevitable truth is that EVs will be eventually sold at a car dealership near you. Forward-thinking local car vendors are rethinking, retooling and making the  transition to this new reality. Many locations, including gas stations are installing public EV charging stations. Smart businesses are making the move to electric and saving more than 75% of their fuel and maintenance costs. Don't be left behind. Invest in your Future! 



You can Charge for FREE from any of these locations. Got Questions or would you like to put your business on the map? Click here.


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